Friday, September 15, 2023



As the Summer season gently transforms into Fall, we see beauty in the changes. As we move from one season of our life into another as we age, the beauty is harder to find. Pain, stiffness, tightness, joint noises, and limited movements feel far from beautiful. It's like standing uncomfortably at the edge of a pond, looking down at your reflection and seeing your younger self, happy, free, mobile, capable, knowing that version of you is still who you are at your core, but you come back into your body on the shore and feel your current reality. You are longing to get back to the day when life was so much easier and freer, when your body moved without discomfort and without having to strategize how do perform once simple activities.

The Supreme's 1967 classic song  "Reflections"  represents the change of seasons in our lives. Upon further research, this article shared that this song was "inspired by Diana Ross’s realization that she was no longer a teenybopper but a mature woman, reflecting on her life and the changes she had experienced. The lyrics reflect a deep and universal truth about our journey through life, the choices we make, and the consequences that follow. As we continue to face uncertain times, it is natural to look back on our lives and reflect on the choices that led us to where we are today. “Reflections” is a reminder that we are not alone in this journey and that by embracing our past, we can find the strength and hope to move forward."


I'm here for you and WITH you on your journey. Whether your body's issues crept up on you over time, were the result of inefficient habits stacked over the years, or came on suddenly from an accident or a trauma that you endured, these issues are not YOU. They are just part of your experience. You may feel uncertain about if you'll ever feel better or like "yourself" again. I can see who you are at your core, underneath your pain and limited movements. This is what drives me to take the time to analyze your movement patterns, search for, continuously read about, and learn new techniques to get to the root of your body's issues, and find solutions to help you feel better and discover the beauty in your current season. Thank you for trusting me to help you find the strength and hope to move forward. 


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