Tuesday, August 1, 2023

UN-DO the Stuck Stress & Tension in your Body

As the Midwest summer quickly passes by, we are busy DO-ing all sorts of fun things outside to soak up all of the nice weather activities while we can. Walking around farmer's markets, festivals, enjoying lake life, and summer parties are all so much fun, but can lead to tension and stress getting stuck in our tissues. Instead of being focused on all the we are DO-ing, I've been teaching people how to UN-DO the stress and tension that gets stuck in the body due to connective tissue dehydration with the MELT Method. If you haven't already heard me gush about this amazing method, MELT is a simple, self-care treatment that enhances mobility, stability, and performance and is clinically proven to reduce chronic pain while restoring overall well-being. Using specially designed soft balls and rubberized foam Body Rollers, you can rebalance your body's nervous system and rehydrate the connective tissue system. 

It has been amazing to witness the changes in the clients who have adopted this method as part of their home wellness program. It was also fun to hear some of the feedback at the workshops held in July when people noticed immediate changes in their bodies. 

"My whole upper body feels relaxed, yet I feel energized at the same time." -- Carol S

"I can put my shoes back on without any hip pain after the workshop!" --Lynn M
"I can't wait to see what my co-workers say when they see me MELTing at my desk!" -- Heather B

I'd love to share more about this method or have you attend a workshop to learn how you too can take matters into your own hands to MELT your issues away! 

Join me for another  MELT Method Hand and Foot Intro Workshop on
Saturday August 12,  from 10-11:30am at 1212 Bodyworks, Brookfield.

($45. Product discounts for attendees)

You'll learn a gentle, self-treatment for your hands and feet, using the MELT soft ball system, and your whole body will benefit!  

Space is limited, so be sure to click this link to register soon.

Have you been feeling limited with your daily activities because of pain or uncomfortable movement? Want more information about the upcoming workshop? Curious about a custom MELT Method treatment session?  Or, just need a reboot to get your body back into balance?

Simply call, text [
(414) 405-3956] or email [1212bodyworks@gmail.com] to schedule your next session.

I'd love to help you feel your best and enjoy the rest of the summer! 
Keep Moving Well! 

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