Sunday, February 20, 2022

Tootsie's TWEET: Save Yourself Hundreds of $$$ This Year

Hello there! It's me again, "Tootsie," Emily's (straight-forward & sassy) Alter-Ego. (If you haven't met me yet, click here for my official introduction) As "Queen of the Posture Police," it's my duty to keep our community safe from all things that may negatively affect your posture or drain your body's precious energy and CALL THEM OUT!! I had to issue another "warning" recently at a local recreation equipment store, and wanted to share with you so you can avoid bodily harm AND save yourself hundreds of dollars this year! 

Massage Gadgets: Wonders or Weapons?
So many people are talking about all of the various self-massage gadgets available these days. Some people have even given them or received them as holiday gifts last year.  Obviously, people think these are helpful tools, as the local recreation store mentioned above had a whole rack of items including massage sticks, trigger point releasing canes, foam rollers, and spiky massage balls of all shapes and sizes, some with pretty hefty price-tags. I'm here to give you a different perspective... I say, "Drop your weapons!!" 

So, I'm all for taking matters into your own hands to help yourself feel better. Massage can be a wonderfully beneficial modality to improve circulation, promote relaxation, and increase endorphins. But seriously people, less is more!! I can't tell you how many people have hurt themselves digging for gold with these tools!!  Sure, some people can handle deep pressure and can tolerate using these devices without any problems, but I'm here to tell you, you will not be "releasing" the knots--you simply can't "untie" them! Nor do you even want to. Here's why...

Your Body is Your Vehicle for Life!! 
Just because something is tight and sore does not mean it is the problem!! Would you take a hammer and break the red light flashing inside your dashboard to solve your car's problem?? Of course not!! Pain and other not-so-fun sensations are indicators (red lights) that something is not right. Your body is your vehicle for life, and although they are available, replacement parts are nowhere near as good as the originals!! Stop killing the messengers in your body by trying to dig them out, and keep looking for the root of the problems so your body works better!

Maybe your chronically sore and tight neck and shoulders are chronically sore and tight because you have weak abdominals or lower spine muscles. Those sweet, innocent neck muscles may be holding on for dear life, as they are the ONLY muscles working to keep you upright, OR they are majorly overworking to compensate for the weakness below and they are trying to get your attention!! Get that Thera-Gun away from your neck and shoulders and THANK those sore areas for keeping you upright! Sure, feel free to give them some love, a gentle rub-down, or better yet move your shoulders up, back, down and around to alleviate some discomfort. But enough already with trying to dig out the tightness, untie the knots, and "release" the red flashing light on your dashboard! We don't hesitate to take our cars in for regular maintenance, yet often wait until our vehicle for life screams at us before we do something about it! 

Re-Wire your Body
(Science Nerd-Alert) The nervous system runs our body's show! Similar to a computer, the electrical messages sent by the nervous system (software) control the movement of our muscles and bones (hardware).  Our software tells our muscles where, when, and how quickly to contract to do 3 main things: hold our alignment/posture, move us from place to place, and pump our lymphatic system to boost health. When one muscle gets the message to contract, the brain sends a signal to its opposing muscle to relax.  If something feels tight, the opposing muscle might not be contracting as well as it could be. If one movement pattern isn't working well, your brain will find another one nearby that does something similar, but not exactly the same.  If you "release" the compensations that may be indicating a problem in your body, your brain will have to come up with an even less efficient secondary compensation!! TWEET!! I'm blowing my whistle again here to stop the madness, to say STOP mashing on something just because it hurts, and focus on finding better ways to get your body working efficiently!! 

Just like a light switch turns on a lightbulb, a Muscle System Specialist can help turn on our muscle activity. Nerve pathways get blocked up, almost like the switches get turned off, with inflammation from stress, injuries, surgeries and accidents. This can lead to the pain, tightness, limited movements, and imbalances that usually send Emily's clients in to see her.  Emily is helping your nervous system send those electrical messages better when she's poking and prodding on you to re-wire your system! It is important to re-boot your body, get your lights turned back on, improve how you move and flush out your system, so you can feel and live better! 

Ready to ditch the rollers, mashers, and diggers, finally get to the root of the issues in your tissues, and let a muscle whisperer help? Get your "vehicle for life" checked and take advantage of Emily's special offer today: 

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Investing in your health care pays dividends for years to come. Save your money when it comes to buying another plastic gadget and put it toward making a real difference in your body!

Keep Moving Well!