Friday, July 30, 2021

Meet "Tootsie:" Queen of the Posture Police

You don't know me, but I know you! You know that sweet, muscle lady who keeps your body working? Well, I'm the alter ego inside her head, Tootsie. Emily is nice, and I'm mean. She's the bubbly-coffee-shop-barista, and I'm the cranky-waitress-at-the-50's-style-diner. She's a squirrel, I'm grounded. Because she's a "people pleaser," she usually filters me out--that's why you haven't heard of me before. It's time to keep it real and sneak in some of MY advice now. 

So many of "our" clients have crappy posture!! That leads to arthritis (joint inflammation) from head to toe, pressure on organs (no-go, or gotta go, gotta go right NOW!!), and immune dysfunctions (I know...blah, blah, blah!). I crowned myself "Queen of the Posture Police." It's time to stop being nice, stand up to crappy posture, and set it straight once and for all!! It's Citation time, people!! I have a whistle, and I'm not afraid to use it! (TWEET!)

TWEET!  Go Barefoot Already!!

You don't need "support" from a shoe! Or a shoe insert. Our feet are designed to hold an entire body up for a lifetime.  If you have been told by a professional that you are an "over-pronator," have fallen arches, or that you should NEVER go barefoot, here's another side of the story (from the Black Sheep of the PT family...) Barefoot is best! (Disclaimer...a transition is needed!) Honey, get ready to kick off your ugly, orthopedic shoes, break up properly with your dang inserts, and get your tootsies MOVING!! 

What? Your feet hurt, or don't move like you want them to move? Need help letting go of tightness? There's hope! "Muscle Magicians," like our girl Emily, can easily restore LIFE to your muscles.  She Locates limited motions, Isolates the weakness, Facilitates weak muscles, and Educates on how to stay active and keep you out of our office!! We ALL have better things to be doing, am I right!?! 

Human bodies are tricky: pain in one area doesn't always mean the problem is there. Your feet may be attempting to compensate for your weak hips, or some other place for that matter.  Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, and Hammertoes resolve when we get your whole body moving better. Here's what you can do right now: when barefoot or not, start moving your feet, ankles and toes EVERY day, every chance you get! (You'll thank me for this!)

It's SOOO simple: moving your body is helpful for so many reasons. You know who to see when your efforts to move better on your own are not cutting the mustard, sweetheart! Together, "we" can locate the source of your unique weakness and teach you a better way to move. (Tell Emily I sent you!) 

Since this is our first meeting, I'll let you off with just a warning...but only this time!

Until next month, 



Just to be safe in avoiding future citations, Emily is offering a Free Walking Analysis with every session for the first  2 weeks of August. It's amazing how much better you can feel with even a few tweaks to your walking posture and alignment! Get yourself on the schedule as appointments are filling quickly these days. Call, text (414) 405-3956, or email to connect.