Monday, December 21, 2020

3 Holiday Must-Haves for 2020

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3 Holiday Must-Haves for 2020

I think we can all agree...2020 has been one doozy of a year!! As challenging as it has been to live through a global pandemic, I am reminded every day that not everyone has lived through it! So many tragic deaths have occurred, our world and how we live in it has changed so much in such a little time, and so many businesses have closed. Even with all of the losses this year, we still live in such abundant times. Here's my take on what we ALL need this year, and it is NOT more "stuff!" 

1. Positive Attitude

No one likes a grumpy pants. Sure, we've all had bad attitudes from time to time, myself included!! Being negative about all of the craziness going on right now doesn't help any of us. I just spoke with one of my dear clients on the phone today. She is the primary caregiver for her beloved husband, who has ALS, also known as Lou-Gehrig's disease. They are not spending their retirement at all like they had dreamed. It is heart wrenching to watch someone you love lose their body's capacities and have to help them perform what are some of the easiest of functions for most of us, that we often take for granted. Even though she is doing this for him, she is getting through this difficult time by staying positive and focusing on the good things in life! What an inspiration she has been and can be for all of us. We may not be able to spend the holidays with our family members or friends like we have in the past, but thankfully we can have a Zoom Chat, or do a FaceTime call. For some, it may actually be a blessing that they can't get together with family, as they can trigger painful emotions! It's all in how we look at what we are given. The number "1" in 1212 Bodyworks represents staying positive, so of course, this is Number 1 on my list of must-haves! 

2. Faith

Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birth! What a blessing it is to celebrate Him and the gift of eternal life every year!  The commercialization of Christmas has taken many people away from the true meaning of this time of year, but each year we have the opportunity to refocus on the gift of His life and what it means for us who believe in Him! :) Even if you are not a Christian, having FAITH in something greater than us can be so helpful to get through challenging times, especially this year! Our body was created with all of the abilities to heal itself, and help us to overcome painful sensations, injuries, and fully recover to our prior level of function, which is nothing short of a miracle!! If you are still struggling with pain in your body, I'm here to help you restore your faith in your body's ability to heal by helping you move better! The number "2" in 1212 Bodyworks represents "Keep the Faith" so of course this one had to be Number 2! :) 

3. Flexibility

I know, I're thinking, "But Emily, you told us we are not supposed to stretch...." LOL! You've been listening well (and if you don't know what I'm referring to here, stay tuned for future blog post topics about why I DON'T recommend stretching)! Being flexible is not about stretching. It's about staying "open" and being able to roll with the punches of what life brings to us. We can't be rigid in our thoughts or bodies, as this only limits us further or can even end up hurting us. Being flexible is about having strength and balance at our end limits. With our body movements, we want to be able to reach to great lengths with a core and limbs that will support us and not let us fall, or tear apart, as we reach to our end ranges of motion. It has been wonderful to help my clients this year become the best versions of their physical selves with improved strength, balance and flexibility in their bodies. With our thoughts, we have to be strong in our will to change, as what we once thought was right or true may suddenly be shown to be or proven wrong or false. None of us could have expected what was to come at us in 2020, but we all had to learn to be flexible to adapt to the changes that are now more accepted and just a part of life now. 

So there it is. Simple right? Luckily these holiday must-haves are all FREE! (You've probably spent enough money this season already! :) This year, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope that 2021 brings even more healing for your life! May you be filled with Positivity, Faith, and Flexibility for years to come!