Saturday, July 27, 2019

From Limping to Pain-Free in Less Than One Hour!

Alice limped into the office holding her back saying, “Oh boy, Chuck had me running around again this weekend and now I need my “Muscle Magician” to put me back together again!!” Sweet Alice always makes me smile when she comes in. It makes you wonder how she ever worked in her younger years as she is one of the most involved retirees you’ll ever meet!! From weekly card games, to volunteering at the local hospital, playing the piano at church, to sewing for a charity--the energy of this 72 year old amazes everyone!! Her husband Chuck is an active senior, playing golf several times per week, and singing in the church choir. They love to go out bird watching together, but lately Alice hasn’t felt up to joining Chuck because of her chronic foot and back pain. “I was able to get to my Water Yoga class last week, but oh boy, did I feel it in my back later that day!! I could barely sit through our grandson’s baseball game because my muscles were screaming at me!! I just wish I could move like I used to when I was younger.” Unfortunately, Alice is not the only one who feels this way. Most of my clients would love to turn back the clock to feel as good as they did in their younger years. 
We got to work assessing Alice’s mobility and she was really locked up with her left hip motion. After activating only 3 muscles, her hip joint moved so much more freely. “Wow! This process never ceases to amaze me! I’m so glad my neighbor told me about your treatments! I was so frustrated with not being able to move like I wanted to, but I thought I was too old and my body was too far gone to be able to make any changes. I reminded Alice about how far she has come in just a few weeks. When we first met, she walked with a cane because of her foot pain but she was able to walk without it after just a few weeks of treatment. Her foot is feeling much better now without the cane, but the pain is not gone completely. Now we are focused on reducing her lower back pain by getting her hips balanced. Alice sat up at the edge of the treatment table and looked around. “My back didn’t hurt when I sat up. I don’t get it...we worked on my hip and my back feels better? How does that work?” I asked Alice if she ever sings “The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone…” song to her grandkids. She smiled. I told her that the hip muscles are attached to the pelvic bone, which is the “foundation” of the spine. When the hip is moving better, the forces throughout the pelvis and back are more evenly balanced so the pain can be minimized. “That makes sense!” As she stood up and walked over to the chair to put her shoes back on she gasped!! “Are you okay, Alice?” I reacted quickly. She excitedly answered, “My hip bone must be connected to my foot bone because that doesn’t hurt anymore either!!” She gave me a big hug and sauntered back out to the waiting area pain free. Chuck stood up from the chair to greet her and he said, “Alice!! I haven’t seen you move like this in months!” She told him, “Emily reconnected my hip bone to my pelvis bone and now my back and foot don’t hurt! Maybe we can take that evening bird hike after all!”  Sweet Alice made my day! 
Are you frustrated by nagging pain or tightness that doesn’t respond to other treatments? It may take a little further investigation to find all of the areas contributing to the problem. To see if your pelvic bone is “connected” to your back bones or hip bones (or any other body parts for that matter) and want to see your pain go away, schedule your session today! 
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