Thursday, October 12, 2023

The TRICK to TREAT Yourself Well

 Treat Yourself Well

Fall is in full swing with kids/grandkids back in school, sports schedules pack the evenings and weekends, and yard cleanup from summer gardening and raking leaves keeps us all so busy! This is the time of year when colds and flu bugs start ramping up, so it is important now more than ever to keep yourself well so you can enjoy the upcoming holiday season.  There is so much advice on what we could be doing to take care of ourselves, but it can be overwhelming to put it all together and find the time in your day to actually DO the recommended things! So many of us are caregivers and are in the habit of putting other's needs before our own. Remember the advice from the flight attendants to "Put on YOUR oxygen mask before assisting others" or you may have heard "You can't pour from and empty vessel." I'm on a mission to simplify things and help my clients (and myself...) learn to "Treat Yourself Well."  

I've come up with an easy activity to remember and perform that will feel good and help enliven key muscles in your neck, shoulders, upper back, and core to energize your mind, enhance your ideal alignment and posture, minimize pain, and keep your immune system boosted, and the best thing is that you don't need any extra equipment. Sound too good to be true? If you can remember 3 letters, you'll never forget this game-changing "trick" that I've already shared with a handful of clients. 

This "trick" is very practical and versatile, as it can be performed while sitting, standing, lying down, and walking.  This simple activity involves making 3 positions with your arms. If you want to "Treat Yourself Well" and can remember the first letters of each word in the phrase, T Y W, you will always remember this easy trick! 

T stands for Treat

Make a "T" shape with your arms stretched out to either side with your palms facing forward. Be sure to keep your shoulder-blades down and back, anchored to your ribcage. Take a full breath into your belly and as you exhale, engage your shoulder-blades down and back as you reach out through both of your middle fingers to feel the elongation/stretch through the front of your neck, chest, shoulders and arms. Hold this position for 3 full breaths, relaxing slightly as you inhale, and reaching as you exhale. Allow your body to move gently from side to side or any way it feels natural and easy to fully enjoy the benefits of this position. 

Y stands for Yourself

Move your arms into a "Y" shape, as if you are at a wedding and doing the "YMCA" dance move. Be sure to keep your shoulder-blades down and back again, just like during the T position, and position your hands so your thumbs face the back of your body. Take a full breath into your belly and as you exhale, engage your shoulder-blades down and back slightly more as you reach up and out through both of your middle fingers to feel the elongation/stretch through the arms, shoulders, armpits and ribcage. Hold this position for 3 full breaths, relaxing slightly as you inhale, and reaching as you exhale. Allow your body to move gently from side to side or any way it feels natural and easy to fully enjoy the benefits of this position. 

W is for Well

Move your arms into a "W" shape with elbows bent out at your sides, palms facing forward or with pinky fingers facing the back of your body. Take a full breath into your belly and as you exhale, allow your shoulder-blades to engage down and back on your ribcage and feel the elongation/stretch through the front of your shoulders, arms and chest as you reach your pinky fingers back. Hold this position for 3 full breaths, relaxing slightly as you inhale, reaching as you exhale. Allow your body to move gently from side to side or any way it feels natural and easy to fully enjoy the benefits of this position. 

So there you have it! It's as easy as TYW to Treat Yourself Well! When you "embody" these letters and perform these simple movements, you truly are participating in a form of self-care. This easy trick will help you fill your own cup so you can continue to pour out for others.  Let me know how this goes for you and what you notice in your body and in your life as you make this a daily practice. You deserve to take the time to TYW! 

Friday, September 15, 2023



As the Summer season gently transforms into Fall, we see beauty in the changes. As we move from one season of our life into another as we age, the beauty is harder to find. Pain, stiffness, tightness, joint noises, and limited movements feel far from beautiful. It's like standing uncomfortably at the edge of a pond, looking down at your reflection and seeing your younger self, happy, free, mobile, capable, knowing that version of you is still who you are at your core, but you come back into your body on the shore and feel your current reality. You are longing to get back to the day when life was so much easier and freer, when your body moved without discomfort and without having to strategize how do perform once simple activities.

The Supreme's 1967 classic song  "Reflections"  represents the change of seasons in our lives. Upon further research, this article shared that this song was "inspired by Diana Ross’s realization that she was no longer a teenybopper but a mature woman, reflecting on her life and the changes she had experienced. The lyrics reflect a deep and universal truth about our journey through life, the choices we make, and the consequences that follow. As we continue to face uncertain times, it is natural to look back on our lives and reflect on the choices that led us to where we are today. “Reflections” is a reminder that we are not alone in this journey and that by embracing our past, we can find the strength and hope to move forward."


I'm here for you and WITH you on your journey. Whether your body's issues crept up on you over time, were the result of inefficient habits stacked over the years, or came on suddenly from an accident or a trauma that you endured, these issues are not YOU. They are just part of your experience. You may feel uncertain about if you'll ever feel better or like "yourself" again. I can see who you are at your core, underneath your pain and limited movements. This is what drives me to take the time to analyze your movement patterns, search for, continuously read about, and learn new techniques to get to the root of your body's issues, and find solutions to help you feel better and discover the beauty in your current season. Thank you for trusting me to help you find the strength and hope to move forward. 


Tuesday, August 1, 2023

UN-DO the Stuck Stress & Tension in your Body

As the Midwest summer quickly passes by, we are busy DO-ing all sorts of fun things outside to soak up all of the nice weather activities while we can. Walking around farmer's markets, festivals, enjoying lake life, and summer parties are all so much fun, but can lead to tension and stress getting stuck in our tissues. Instead of being focused on all the we are DO-ing, I've been teaching people how to UN-DO the stress and tension that gets stuck in the body due to connective tissue dehydration with the MELT Method. If you haven't already heard me gush about this amazing method, MELT is a simple, self-care treatment that enhances mobility, stability, and performance and is clinically proven to reduce chronic pain while restoring overall well-being. Using specially designed soft balls and rubberized foam Body Rollers, you can rebalance your body's nervous system and rehydrate the connective tissue system. 

It has been amazing to witness the changes in the clients who have adopted this method as part of their home wellness program. It was also fun to hear some of the feedback at the workshops held in July when people noticed immediate changes in their bodies. 

"My whole upper body feels relaxed, yet I feel energized at the same time." -- Carol S

"I can put my shoes back on without any hip pain after the workshop!" --Lynn M
"I can't wait to see what my co-workers say when they see me MELTing at my desk!" -- Heather B

I'd love to share more about this method or have you attend a workshop to learn how you too can take matters into your own hands to MELT your issues away! 

Join me for another  MELT Method Hand and Foot Intro Workshop on
Saturday August 12,  from 10-11:30am at 1212 Bodyworks, Brookfield.

($45. Product discounts for attendees)

You'll learn a gentle, self-treatment for your hands and feet, using the MELT soft ball system, and your whole body will benefit!  

Space is limited, so be sure to click this link to register soon.

Have you been feeling limited with your daily activities because of pain or uncomfortable movement? Want more information about the upcoming workshop? Curious about a custom MELT Method treatment session?  Or, just need a reboot to get your body back into balance?

Simply call, text [
(414) 405-3956] or email [] to schedule your next session.

I'd love to help you feel your best and enjoy the rest of the summer! 
Keep Moving Well! 

PS: If you were forwarded this message, email me to receive a free copy of my article

                                                    "How Mary Ditched Her Cane and Her Pain"  

Monday, July 3, 2023

Freedom of Movement & Independence


We may not all agree on who is in charge of making the decisions for our country or how our hard earned tax dollars are spent, but as Americans, I think we can all agree on the fact that our independence and freedom is something to be celebrated! Imagine how different our country would be if we were limited from living the way we want to live. As humans, our ability to live independently and have freedom to move is also something to be celebrated! It's often not until we lose the ability to use our body comfortably that we appreciate all that it does for us.

Each one of us is in charge of making the decisions for our own body that will make us feel good and thrive, or feel yucky and decline. It's not always easy to prioritize our wellness and take proactive steps to keep ourselves feeling and moving well. Sometimes it feels easier to stay on the couch, reach for the ready-made processed food, or put off our wellness routine until tomorrow. Often, our focus is set on the things we can't do as well anymore, or the area of the body that is feeling pain. Celebrating our body for all of the freedom of movement that it is still capable of, despite the pain, is so important! Our independence relies on us learning to treat ourselves well, if we want to keep moving forward. 

I'm so excited to share a new way to help you recover and maintain your freedom of movement and independence!! When I first learned about this simple, self-care system, it stopped me in my tracks, and I couldn't wait to try it! After I felt immediate results, I started sharing it with my clients, family, and friends. 

The MELT Method is a self-care technique that enhances mobility, stability, and performance and is clinically proven to reduce chronic pain while restoring overall well-being. Using specially designed soft balls and rubberized foam rollers, you can rebalance your body's nervous system and rehydrate the connective tissue system. 

It has been amazing to witness the changes in the clients who have adopted this method as part of their home wellness program! One client, who had a neck fusion surgery several decades ago, has noticed much less pain and presents in my office with much more stability in his neck and shoulders since he committed to using the tools & techniques at home. Another client says she is sleeping so much better now that her body has a way to "undo her day" each night. One client even told me, "I barely even noticed that I woke up" when first moving around in the morning, now that her body is so much better hydrated! 

Because of the success that my clients and I felt immediately, I chose to embark on a 3 month training process to become a MELT Method Instructor! Now that I'm certified, I can't wait to share this life-changing method with as many people as I can. Let's get rolling! :) 

Join me for my first MELT Method Hand and Foot Workshop on
Wednesday July 12,  from 10-11:30am at 1212 Bodyworks, Brookfield.

You'll learn a gentle, self-treatment for your hands and feet, using the MELT soft ball system, that will feel good for your whole body!  

$49. Space is limited, so be sure to click the link above to register.

Have you been feeling less than independent with your daily activities because of pain or limited movement? Curious about a custom MELT Method treatment session?  Or, just need a reboot to get your body back into balance?

Simply call, text [
(414) 405-3956] or email [] to schedule your next session.

I'd love to help you restore your independence and freedom of movement! 

Keep Moving Well! 

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Top 3 Winter Wellness Tips

Top 3 Winter Wellness Tips

How lucky we are to be able to experience all 4 seasons here in Wisconsin! While living in California for a year and half doing a PT travel assignment, it didn't take long to discover that it is was ALWAYS nice outside. I actually missed experiencing the changes in seasons. After moving back to Wisconsin, I decided the only way I could make it through the winters again was to officially embrace them and make the best of what they offer, instead of shivering and complaining for 4+ months of the year! 

When there is snow outside, my family and I love to go snow-shoeing, skiing, and snowboarding. Our 11 year old LOVES to go sledding, but this winter has not provided us that opportunity...yet. We got a new concrete driveway poured this fall, so we were actually looking forward to shoveling and snow blowing now that it is all level, but we still wait patiently for that opportunity. Of course it has been cold here this winter, another seasonal attribute we have learned to embrace with our fuzzy socks and sweaters. We have committed to the flannel sheets and down comforters on our beds to help us stay warm and cozy while we rest and slumber. 

Having the chance to stay indoors this time of year, we can take the time to go "inward" to reflect on our past year, release that which no longer serves us, and refocus our priorities, while receiving fresh insights for growth opportunities. How are you spending your time enjoying this Winter? What are you doing to embrace this season? My hope for you is that you are feeling great and that your body serves you kindly all winter long. Here are the Top 3 Winter Wellness Tips to keep you moving your best through this beautiful time of year. 

1. Optimize Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is known for its role in helping regulate Calcium absorption and bone health. According to an article from National Library of Medicine"Vitamin D and its receptor are important for normal skeletal muscle development and in optimizing muscle strength and performance. Supplementation with various forms of vitamin D in older adults has mostly shown reduction in falls risk and improvements in tests of muscle performance." Who knew that boosting Vitamin D levels would be helpful for staying upright on the slippery, icy surfaces that often plague us this time of year!?! The sun is the best natural source of Vitamin D, but many winter days are grey and dreary with no sunlight, sometimes several days in a row! Using a light box can help to stimulate the production of Vitamin D, as well as getting outside on sunny days, with as much skin showing as you can tolerate out in the cold. Eating foods that are high in Vitamin D can also keep us healthy at this time of year. This article lists 15 foods that are High in Vitamin D--some of my favorites are fresh fish and mushrooms. 

2. Boost Body Temperature Naturally 

Keeping yourself warm during these cold winter months can be a challenge. According to this article from Pharmacy Solutions, "foods that take longer to digest can help raise your body temperature and make you feel warmer. The medical term for this process is thermogenesis, which is the process of your body producing heat caused by food metabolizing." These warming foods include bananas, oats, ginger tea, coffee, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. More great ways to increase your body temperature while using many of your muscles at one time are by doing jumping jacks, walking, or performing this 4 Minute Workout video from Zach Bush, MD. This free workout offers a great way to increase Nitric Oxide in the body, which is responsible for body temperature regulation as well as nervous system balance. Drinking hot beverages is another way to warm you up from the inside out. Wearing natural fabrics like wool can also be helpful to keep you warm, as wool traps air pockets and helps insulate you from the cold. So many clients and I wear Smart Wool socks, which really work well to keep those tootsies warm this time of year! Cuddling up with a fuzzy blanket and a loved one tops the list of many people's favorite ways to boost body temperature naturally. 

3. Keep Walking, No Matter What! 

Walking is one of the easiest, cheapest, most convenient ways, and natural ways to achieve whole body movement, release muscle tension, ground and connect with the earth, and promote vibrant health. No matter how cold it is, how slippery it might be, or how much snow there is on the ground, it is important to keep walking throughout the winter months!  We have so many lovely lakes, parks, and neighborhoods in this part of Wisconsin, so there are ample opportunities to explore different areas, terrains, witness natural landscapes, and breathe in the various microbiomes around us to enhance our body's natural health and balance. Bundling up in hats, scarves, mittens, and warm jackets is the best way to tolerate the outdoor elements. One of the best inventions to help stay upright on icy surfaces are traction cleats for your shoes, like these Yak-Trax. These are a God-send when it comes to walking your dog, or taking a nice, brisk exercise walk, while feeling confident that you will not slip and fall. If outdoor walking is just not right for you, there are also many opportunities to walk indoors at area malls and at the Pettit Ice Arena. Maybe your office building is large enough that you can walk the halls and or stairways as you take movement breaks throughout your workday. Why not schedule a walking meeting with a client or co-worker, or meet a friend for a walk instead of a drink? Walking is the ultimate way to boost body temperature naturally, and can be enjoyed outdoors as you soak up the Vitamin D provided by the winter sunshine. What if your body is not feeling its' best while walking? You may have a movement imbalance that can be identified and corrected to make walking more enjoyable for you. I'd be happy to help you do that! 

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Tootsie's TWEET: Save Yourself Hundreds of $$$ This Year

Hello there! It's me again, "Tootsie," Emily's (straight-forward & sassy) Alter-Ego. (If you haven't met me yet, click here for my official introduction) As "Queen of the Posture Police," it's my duty to keep our community safe from all things that may negatively affect your posture or drain your body's precious energy and CALL THEM OUT!! I had to issue another "warning" recently at a local recreation equipment store, and wanted to share with you so you can avoid bodily harm AND save yourself hundreds of dollars this year! 

Massage Gadgets: Wonders or Weapons?
So many people are talking about all of the various self-massage gadgets available these days. Some people have even given them or received them as holiday gifts last year.  Obviously, people think these are helpful tools, as the local recreation store mentioned above had a whole rack of items including massage sticks, trigger point releasing canes, foam rollers, and spiky massage balls of all shapes and sizes, some with pretty hefty price-tags. I'm here to give you a different perspective... I say, "Drop your weapons!!" 

So, I'm all for taking matters into your own hands to help yourself feel better. Massage can be a wonderfully beneficial modality to improve circulation, promote relaxation, and increase endorphins. But seriously people, less is more!! I can't tell you how many people have hurt themselves digging for gold with these tools!!  Sure, some people can handle deep pressure and can tolerate using these devices without any problems, but I'm here to tell you, you will not be "releasing" the knots--you simply can't "untie" them! Nor do you even want to. Here's why...

Your Body is Your Vehicle for Life!! 
Just because something is tight and sore does not mean it is the problem!! Would you take a hammer and break the red light flashing inside your dashboard to solve your car's problem?? Of course not!! Pain and other not-so-fun sensations are indicators (red lights) that something is not right. Your body is your vehicle for life, and although they are available, replacement parts are nowhere near as good as the originals!! Stop killing the messengers in your body by trying to dig them out, and keep looking for the root of the problems so your body works better!

Maybe your chronically sore and tight neck and shoulders are chronically sore and tight because you have weak abdominals or lower spine muscles. Those sweet, innocent neck muscles may be holding on for dear life, as they are the ONLY muscles working to keep you upright, OR they are majorly overworking to compensate for the weakness below and they are trying to get your attention!! Get that Thera-Gun away from your neck and shoulders and THANK those sore areas for keeping you upright! Sure, feel free to give them some love, a gentle rub-down, or better yet move your shoulders up, back, down and around to alleviate some discomfort. But enough already with trying to dig out the tightness, untie the knots, and "release" the red flashing light on your dashboard! We don't hesitate to take our cars in for regular maintenance, yet often wait until our vehicle for life screams at us before we do something about it! 

Re-Wire your Body
(Science Nerd-Alert) The nervous system runs our body's show! Similar to a computer, the electrical messages sent by the nervous system (software) control the movement of our muscles and bones (hardware).  Our software tells our muscles where, when, and how quickly to contract to do 3 main things: hold our alignment/posture, move us from place to place, and pump our lymphatic system to boost health. When one muscle gets the message to contract, the brain sends a signal to its opposing muscle to relax.  If something feels tight, the opposing muscle might not be contracting as well as it could be. If one movement pattern isn't working well, your brain will find another one nearby that does something similar, but not exactly the same.  If you "release" the compensations that may be indicating a problem in your body, your brain will have to come up with an even less efficient secondary compensation!! TWEET!! I'm blowing my whistle again here to stop the madness, to say STOP mashing on something just because it hurts, and focus on finding better ways to get your body working efficiently!! 

Just like a light switch turns on a lightbulb, a Muscle System Specialist can help turn on our muscle activity. Nerve pathways get blocked up, almost like the switches get turned off, with inflammation from stress, injuries, surgeries and accidents. This can lead to the pain, tightness, limited movements, and imbalances that usually send Emily's clients in to see her.  Emily is helping your nervous system send those electrical messages better when she's poking and prodding on you to re-wire your system! It is important to re-boot your body, get your lights turned back on, improve how you move and flush out your system, so you can feel and live better! 

Ready to ditch the rollers, mashers, and diggers, finally get to the root of the issues in your tissues, and let a muscle whisperer help? Get your "vehicle for life" checked and take advantage of Emily's special offer today: 

Winter Wellness Special: $79**

Full Body 5-Point Inspection:

✔ Alignment/Posture Check
✔ Range of Motion Check
✔ Muscle Stability Check
✔ Gait Analysis
✔ Home Program Check/Update

**Available for the first 3 clients who mention this offer when scheduling**
Simply call or text 414-405-3956, or email to schedule 

Investing in your health care pays dividends for years to come. Save your money when it comes to buying another plastic gadget and put it toward making a real difference in your body!

Keep Moving Well! 

Monday, November 22, 2021

Gratitude is the Best Medicine

"BOOM!" The sound of the collision between my SUV and the Minivan that crossed over into my lane haunts me to this day. 12 years ago this month, a roll-over car accident changed my life. For the first time in my career, the Physical Therapist became the patient. The same muscle techniques we now use to help YOU move and feel better were successfully employed by MY Physical Therapist to help rehabilitate my neck and shoulder injuries. This experience validated that venturing outside of the traditional physical therapy box was the best decision for me as the patient, and for all of my future patients, and for that I am truly grateful! This experience also helped me appreciate the little things in life that I had once taken for granted. I was lucky and grateful to be alive!! 

My client just came in this morning and said "I'm not doing well today." I assumed she meant because our session last time was too much for her, but instead she said, "I just found out that my friend's husband died as a result of injuries from the Waukesha Christmas parade event yesterday." My heart broke for her and the many people and families affected both physically and emotionally by the horrific incident so close to home for many of us! Life is such a precious gift that can be taken from us at any time without warning. She expressed gratitude that her friend's injuries were less severe and that she has a strong support network to lean on during this difficult time. 

Last week, a client who has been severely sleep-deprived due to the pain of his dislocated shoulder, was grateful that he was starting to improve. Even though it was his non-dominant side, he realized just how much he really needed it to function better to get through life! And sleep deprivation is no joke!! Those of us affected by that because of pain or other issues in our life can surely relate.  His gratitude for even a little better sleep, and a little better function gave him a new perspective and he was starting to feel more hopeful. 

No matter what is going on in our lives, having gratitude always helps. This time of year always brings gratitude to mind, as we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving this week. We all have so much to be grateful for, but sometimes our gratitude can be lost amongst our pain and life's stressors.  

Even though it may feel like a nuisance to change your schedule to get to and from therapy appointments, at least there are answers to your pain problems to be found.  Even though doing your home exercise program takes time away from other daily activities, it may be helping to support those daily activities. It's annoying to have to make changes with how we do things when pain and other limitations don't allow us to do things the normal way, but at least our bodies were designed to compensate so we can still keep going.  Having gratitude that our bodies have a warning signal system in place when we feel pain or that something isn't "right" with our bodies is actually a huge blessing!! It allows us to take notice and find better ways to move, whether on our own or with the help of a professional. Being able to FEEL our body means that we are alive. Sometimes it is hard to find the blessings and have gratitude when we don't like what we feel, but the alternative (not being alive...) is worse! 

I am so grateful to have each of you in my life! It is such a HUGE blessing to enjoy coming to work each day. The opportunity to help each and every one of you move and feel better is so important to me, and I thank you for committing to this process, allowing us to work together to solve your unique issues, even if it takes some time to get to the root of them. I know what it is like to be limited by pain, problems moving how we want to be moving, sleep disturbances, and having to keep working at home exercises to feel better. I'm grateful for every session where we can help your body shine your light on the world a little brighter! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your healing journey! 

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and that you can focus on all that you are grateful for in your life, no matter what is going on around us. God Bless You!!