Wednesday, October 21, 2020

"How are you feeling?" This time I'm answering my own question.

"How are you feeling?" This question has been asked hundreds of times during treatment sessions over the past 2 decades I've practiced as a Physical Therapist. It is important to understand how my clients are feeling to be able to help them feel better. Well, today I am going to answer my own question. What is happening right now with the global pandemic has hit us all like a ton of bricks! Our world changed so much in a matter of days. I'm feeling sad, mad, isolated, torn, uncertain, and I'm feeling scared. It feels good to get that all out!  

I'm sad for how much I took our previous way of life for granted! I'm sad for all of the people who have suffered and died because of this virus, and for those that still will. I'm sad that elderly people are even more isolated than normally during this time, as they are more at risk. I'm sad to think of domestic violence victims who are stuck at home with their perpetrators. I'm sad (and mad) that Spring Breakers kept partying despite the urging from the authorities to stay home. I'm sad as I wanted to take the road trip to Colorado we'd been planning for months with 2 other families, but we all stayed home.  I'm sad that our only-child is all by himself at home, only able to see few friends outside for short periods of time, maintaining his 6 foot distance. I'm sad that he had to see his mom cry several nights (and part of some days) as I took all of this in. Finally, I'm sad because I'm not able to do the work I have grown to love over the years! 

As a small business owner, my world has been turned upside down. I'm feeling torn right now with how to navigate these uncertain times and transition my independent in-person business into one that offers virtual services. I'm having a very difficult time doing this. As a PT, I touch people for a living. I use my hands to determine where my clients have weakness or poor quality contractions in their muscular system. I also use my hands to apply forces to my clients limbs and trunk muscles to help restore efficient and higher quality muscle contractions so they can move and hold their body's positions better. I touch hands, faces, and feet on a regular basis. I also hug my clients from time to time. That is not happening these days. 

Humans are social creatures, some of us more than others. I fall into the "more than others" category. Physical touch can be so healing, and is essential to living a high quality of life as humans. Again, some of us need more physical touch in our lives, myself included. Being with others fills my cup, especially my clients. As much as I love spending time with my family, it has taken some time to adjust to our "safer at home" situation. Luckily, my husband was already working from home 3 days/week so his transition to 5 was relatively easy for him. However, we have the new added responsibility of home-schooling our 8 year old son while we both work. Right now I'm thankful that he is an only child as I can't even imagine what families with multiple children are feeling right now! Even though we are together, I feel isolated from our extended family, friends and neighbors. The 6 foot distance between people even feels isolating at the grocery stores. I get it completely, it's temporary and intended to keep us all healthy and safe. 

It is important to express all that we are feeling during this challenging time. I'm trying to stay positive and keep the faith, which is what "1212" represents in 1212 Bodyworks. My hope is that you are doing the same and that we all get through this together. 

(Writtten 3/30/2020)

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